• What is behavior design?

      A new approach to understanding human behavior and how to design solutions for behavior change created by

      Dr. BJ Fogg of Stanford University

      When . . .

      does a behavior happen?

      Will . . .

      people choose X or Y?

      If . . .

      X motivation then what?

      Behaviors . . .

      are not all the same

    • You will understand how behavior works.

      Introducing a full-day Behavior Design Masterclass that includes Dr. Fogg's original methods and models that will help you become an expert in understanding how behavior works and in knowing how to design systems to change behavior.

      Learn how to make things simpler

      (because simplicity changes behavior)

      Learn how to prioritize target behaviors

      (as well as product features)

      Learn how to apply some of BJ's original models

      (how to think)

      Learn how to apply some of BJ's original methods

      (how to design)

      . . . and more

    • Leave as an expert in understanding how behavior works.

      limited enrollment -- join us!

    • Past masterclasses

      September 14, 2018

      @Stanford University with BJ Fogg

      June 28, 2018

      @Stanford University with BJ Fogg

      May 5, 2017

      @Las Vegas with David Ngo & Linda Fogg

      2019 and beyond

      Masterclasses will be taught by BJ Fogg, PhD.


      David Ngo will focus on training people in Behavior Design Method #7 and giving official keynotes.

    • Train in behavior design Method #7

      with david ngo

      Training, Talks, & Applied Behavior Design Consulting

      Virtual Training in Behavior Design Method #7: Snaptesting


      Behavior Design Keynote

      A screenshot of the Expert Guide Series:

      How to do Behavior Design

      by BJ Fogg PhD & David Ngo

    • more about david ngo

      David Ngo is the 1st Behavior Design graduate from Stanford University, former member of BJ Fogg's Behavior Design Lab, and founder of Behavior Delta LLC, a firm that helps teams apply Fogg's work effectively and ethically.


      Ngo has co-authored with Fogg a seven part Expert Guide Series: How to Do Behavior Design.

      Unfortunately, these guides are not publicly sold (yet).

      Currently, they are reserved for our clients who get Behavior Design training with us.


    • the time to design for behavior change with behavior design has come.

      People are suffering and are looking for solutions that work for them. Let's make your product the solution.